"Lagos De Montebello" Coffee Bag

"Lagos De Montebello" Coffee Bag

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Where does the coffee come from? From the Montebello Lakes, famous and recognized for the incredible color of the turquoise blue water… So much so that the color is striking? If you mean that it is an artificial color produced by some kind of coloring or treatment of water towards the lakes ... no. Although it is hard to believe seeing such turquoise blue lakes as the one at the Montebello Lakes, the color is related to several factors, including the type of soil, the vegetation and finally the refraction of light.

But what does coffee have to do with the Lakes of Montebello? In addition to being a land where one of the most visited Eco-Tourist parks in our state of Chiapas is located and which is a neighbor to Guatemala, it is the land of producing some of the best organic coffees that you will taste in your life. This organic coffee is produced by indigenous communities of Tojolabal and Tseltal origin. Cultures with enriching customs, languages, traditions and beliefs.

Your coffee is backed by people with knowledge in the area with the coffee treaty. Regardless of which indigenous communities treat coffee, this is a potential feature in your favorite morning drink, we are talking about the particular artisan flavor.

"Lagos de Montebello" is the result of an organization of more than 1,200 small ejido producers planted at 1,200 meters above sea level.

So does it mean that the coffee from Lagos de Montebello takes a process to be produced? Of course, and this is the case with all the coffee that MyCoffeeBox has available to take it to the door of your home. Coffee is planted under the shade of trees in lands in the region with small populations and excellent coffee producers, once the coffee is ready for harvest ... no machinery equipment is used but the producer families do the harvest. grain by grain to avoid damaging the coffee bean and remain intact for human consumption, thanks to the grain-by-grain harvest by hand, it is possible to move on to the next task. A producer lowers the sacks from the mountain at 1,200 meters to his house where the washing process begins and then drying, after these ... the coffee beans are taken to the dry processing warehouse of the cooperative where the member is. Thanks to this cooperative they have enough coffee to export to the United States and Europe in addition to having organic and fair trade certification.

The bean is ready to roast! Only with the right combination of time and temperature can the ideal roast be developed for each coffee bean. Then I can buy coffee from any organic coffee stand! Not exactly, what makes us different from us is that the coffee that arrives at the door of your home is fresh and freshly roasted organic coffee, it is not stale. In addition to that we always try to provide you with the best premium service that you deserve for supporting the coffee communities of Chiapas and for collaborating with the mission and vision that MyCoffeeBox has for the world by sharing the best coffee beans from Chiapas.