"Bonampak" Aged Rum
"Bonampak" Aged Rum

"Bonampak" Aged Rum

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Product Description

  • 750 ml bottle of 100% Mexican aged rum.

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV %): 38% 
  • An exceptional golden rum, aged in American oak barrels. Harmonious and different, it offers characteristic notes of its mixture: Cane juice liquor distilled in copper pot alembic and molasses liquor distilled in continuous column alembic.
  • It opens with a fine fruity aroma typical of sugar cane. It offers a definite, woody and slightly smoky aged note. In the mouth it presents delicious reminiscences of toasted grains.

  • Round, with a good body, very pleasant and appetizing.

  • Perfect to be enjoyed alone or with a cocktail.

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