"4 Skulls" Huipil Poncho

"4 Skulls" Huipil Poncho

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Product Description

I am the Poncho Huipil "4 Skulls", the garment of pre-Hispanic origin with modern touches, I am the typical piece of the fertility goddesses and I dressed the nobility of hundreds of nations of ancient Mexico. Although today, I can dress you too.

I am a garment created in Mexico by artisans from Hueyapan, in the state of Puebla and designed jointly by them and "Linda Muerte", my decoration celebrates life and death with Mexican skulls, since I am made by the heart and hands of Mexican warrior women.

For my care, you should wash me by hand but do not squeeze me, as that would mistreat my shape and give me a shorter life cycle. Or, you can wash me in a washing machine with cold water and spin cold.

Thank you for adopting me and integrating me into your life.


"Linda Muerte"