“Mayorazgo” Tequila Cristalino (750 ml)

“Mayorazgo” Tequila Cristalino (750 ml)

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Product Description

"Mayorazgo", takes its name from the tradition that makes the first-born son responsible for preserving the family's assets and values; just as Don Pedro Velasco Calle did in 1911, creating a legacy that we have poured into our Tequila.

  • 100% Blue Agave Weber Tequila
  • Alcohol By Volume % (ABV %): 35%
  • Origin: Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Presentation: 750 ml

Made with a careful selection of agaves from the Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. Tequila Mayorazgo Cristalino is a fresh companion for the after-dinner thanks to its smooth finish in the mouth, as well as how pleasant and velvety it is on the palate.

Fine flavor, elegant crystalline appearance resulting from six months of rest in white oak barrels.

It is an ideal tequila to taste as a digestive due to its notes of agave, vanilla and dried fruits.

 Tasting Notes

  • Aging: 6 months aging in white oak barrels.
  • Sight: Bright, transparent tones and a silver color with great body.
  • Smell: Sweet notes such as nuts, butter, vanilla and wood.
  • Taste: On the palate, cooked agave, butter, honey and vanilla predominate.