Tequila “Gran Faena” Blanco (750 ml / 700 ml)
Tequila “Gran Faena” Blanco (750 ml / 700 ml)

Tequila “Gran Faena” Blanco (750 ml / 700 ml)

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Product Description

Tequila Gran Faena Blanco® is inspired by the traditional art of making tequila through an innovative and sustainable process: made from 100% Weber tequilana agave, a delicate extraction through traditional mills, cooking for 16 hours in ovens, fermentation for 72 hours thanks to a special oenological yeast, followed by a double distillation and artisan packaging.

The result is an exceptional and refined white tequila, smooth and clean flavor, with semi-sweet notes of agave and the warmth that provides a light herbal and citrus touch.

It is ideal to drink it on the rocks or in high-end cocktails.

Catering Notes

  • Sight: Shiny with silvery nuances and soft body.
  • Smell: Herbaceous, fresh and with citrus notes.
  • Taste: Gentle, light and balanced with semi-sweet notes and herbaceous notes at the end.