Mezcal "ZIGNUM®" Añejo (700 ml)
Mezcal "ZIGNUM®" Añejo (700 ml)
Mezcal "ZIGNUM®" Añejo (700 ml)

Mezcal "ZIGNUM®" Añejo (700 ml)

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Product Description

A truly extraordinary Mezcal, ZIGNUM® Añejo is the maximum expression of the Master Mezcalero experience that combines distillates perfectly aged in French and American oak barrels. Enjoy it right. Ideal for special occasions.

  • Presentation: 700 ml bottle
  • Agave Specie & Type : 100% AGAVE ANGUSTIFOLIA ESPADÍN
  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV %): 40%

Intense coffee, chocolate and maple syrup; smooth and subtly sweet finish.

ZIGNUM®, which means “spearhead”, is recognized as an exceptionally smooth and fine Mezcal.

The Maestro Mezcalero and his people make it with passion and commitment to the environment; from the field to the barrel and from the barrel to the bottle.

SIP gold medalIWSC bronze medalSan Francisco gold medalSIP platinum medalIWSC bronze medalSan Francisco double gold medal