"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)
"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)
"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)
"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)
"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)

"Siete Machos" Blanco Tequila (750 ml)

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Product Description

Catering Notes

- Crystal clear color with silver trim
- High average apparent density
- Clean and bright

- In the first nose, fine and fragrant floral notes such as jasmine, violet, rose petals, tuberose, carnation, orange blossom and lavender are perceived; There are also herbal aromas, sweet almonds, honey and beeswax, brown sugar and spicy dyes, as well as glimpses of the raw material: Agave

- High aromatic intensity
- Floral / spicy character
- On the second nose, there are citrus notes such as lime and orange, honey and beeswax, sweet almond oil and brown sugar.

- Crystalline color with silver trim.
- Clean and bright.

- Generous attack.
- Great balance between body, acidity and alcohol.
- Long aftertaste.
- Pleasant sweetness; present but not predominant-
- Long stay in the mouth.

- Mexican appetizers.
- Light to semi-ripe cheeses.
- Escamoles with butter.
- Chiles en nogada.

- Drink right at 18ºC or in fine cocktails.
- On the rocks with good quality ice.

About the Brand

Siete Machos is a registered trademark since 1930 and cataloged as a “famous brand” by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) in 2016.

Siete Machos is a brand of tradition and popular in the Latin world and now continuing with its traditional products, it launches its own Tequila brand as a carefully developed product, taking care of the values of tradition as well as caring for the environment.

Tequila Siete Machos is a young, white (blanco) tequila made from agaves with no more than 5 years of growth, which means that the product in its process does not carry a single chemical. In the growth stage, the agaves are organically fertilized in order to protect the natural areas and towns where they grow.

Additional Information

Country Mexico
Region Jalisco
Siete Machos
Alcohol Vol. (%) 40%