About Us


About Us: 

K'ubo (Kī-u-bō) is not only a commonly used expression in Mexico to say, "What's up?".

It is the online marketplace that connects Mexico's products to customers around the world to enjoy and experience them, since 2018, and we are one of the pioneers of the "Worldwide Effortless Prime Shipping" movement in Mexico.

Currently, we are an expanding startup venture in which we daily invite entrepreneurs, independent craftsmen, brands and small organic producers that want to bring their products to the world stage.

That is for every purchase you make with us, you support local craftsmen communities, entrepreneurs and small businesses to flourish and prosper in our country, and boost their economic development in a just, responsible and sustainable manner to their homes and communities.

Our current objective is to constantly: 

Be Mexico's E-commerce Powerhouse. 

That is why our friendly and reliable customer and shipping service, as well as our brand quality and expertise are our outmost priority, because we want to:

Empower Mexico's ideas to reach the world's spotlight.

As for our motto... Well, my dearest "amigos", it is to always:

Bring Mexico to your home.

So you can enjoy every single product we offer you, to empower hundreds of thousands of micro, small and medium sized businesses from Mexico in order to support their communities and better their livelihood.