"Antigua Cruz" Tequila Añejo (750 ml)

"Antigua Cruz" Tequila Añejo (750 ml)

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Tequila Antigua Cruz is an ensemble of what mother nature is giving us here in The highlands: the best Blue Tequilana Weber Agaves in the area with high sugar content, the best tasting water that enhances the flavor of our tequila, clean Oxygen for our tequila to breat, great People and partners that are the key part of the success of Antigua Cruz Tequila.

We believe (our own humble opinion) that this is how an Añejo should taste like. We stick to our classic fermentation and distillation process (natural yeasts, open vats, etc.) followed by aging our tequila in white oak barrels for two years. we are proud to say that Antigua Cruz Anejo is one of the best 100% blue agave highland tequilas in the marketplace.

  • Aging: 2 years in french oak barrels.
  • Alcohol By Volume % (ABV %): 40%