“Bifröst” Traditional Mead (750 ml)

“Bifröst” Traditional Mead (750 ml)

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Product Description

Bifröst Hidromiel is the crowning and revival of the classic Viking drink in the Valley of Mexico. Offering a unique balance of water, honey and alcohol content.

The honey, carefully harvested, appears in our apiaries in a mixture of wild flowers, providing a multi-sensory flavor.

Artisanal and rustic aging with organic products and French yeast make Bifröst a unique product.

  • Origin:  Valley Of México, Mexico.
  • Honey type(s): Multi-Floral / Wild sourced honey.
  • Fermentation Method: Glass / Stainless Steel Alambique.
  • Alcohol By Volume % (ABV %): 10%
  • Serving Tempreature: 8° - 12°C.
  • Catering Notes: Shellfish, poultry, pasta, desserts and salads.