“Calavera Marigold” T-Shirt
“Calavera Marigold” T-Shirt

“Calavera Marigold” T-Shirt

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Product Description

Marigold Skull T-shirt.

Round neck, short sleeves, soft black fabric with 100% Cotton.

The Cempasúchil flower (Or Marigold) is native to Mexico, it’s name comes from the Nahuatl language (the aztec’s tongue) "Cempohualxochitl" which means "twenty flowers" or "several flowers".

  • Sizing Measurements (S): 43 cm (Width) x 40 cm (Bust) x 66 cm (Length).
  • Sizing Measurements (M): 51 cm (Width) x 45 cm (Bust) x 70 cm (Length).
  • Sizing Measurements (L): 54 cm (Width) x 52 cm (Bust) x 77 cm (Length).
  • Sizing Measurements (XL): 61 cm (Width) x 54 cm (Bust) x 80 cm (Length).