“Ezcave” Mezcal - Marzipan Flavored Mezcal (750 ml)

“Ezcave” Mezcal - Marzipan Flavored Mezcal (750 ml)

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Product Description

Commercial brand: Ezcave

Product: Marzipan Flavored Distillate Mezcal.

Type / Category: Abocado

Agaves used: Agave cupreata


Extraordinary and creative due to its perfect harmony, it transports you to a first date that invites you to drink it cold and kisses. We use as a star ingredient, one of the favorite sweets of Mexicans.

Enjoy it cold or with ice.

Alcohol By Volume % (ABV %):  30%
Net content: 750 ml.
Area of origin: State of Guerrero, Mexico.