"Ollin" Ranglan Sweatshirt
"Ollin" Ranglan Sweatshirt
"Ollin" Ranglan Sweatshirt

"Ollin" Ranglan Sweatshirt

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Product Description

The native nahuatl word of "ollin," is the name of the seventeenth sign of the days in the Aztec culture, it encompasses all the senses of the notion of movement. It can also be translated by "earthquake" or "tremor". In etymology it shows that in a primary sense movement is conceived in relation to the movements of the earth and humans.

The root "ol", from which "ollin" is derived, corresponds to “ball” and “rubber”, so "ollin" expresses “moving in a round”, an action that means a cycle.

In the symbol of "Ollin", the arms of the semicircles represent the four suns or eras in which humanity has perished, and that we live, this last version of humanity in the fifth sun, that is, in the center of the "ollin".

▶ Soft fabric and screen printed design.

▶ 50% black cotton and 50% polyester in blue color.

Sizing Information

  • Small (S) (in cm): 45 (Back) x 53 (Chest) x 70 (Length) x 64 (Sleeves).
  • Medium (M) (in cm): 49 (Back) x 55 (Chest) x 70 (Length) x 68 (Sleeves).
  • Large (L) (in cm): 50 (Back) x 59 (Chest) x 70 (Length) x 68 (Sleeves)