PAMPACHAY Salvia Incense With Candle

PAMPACHAY Salvia Incense With Candle

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The "sahumada" as a ritual inherited from our ancestors, has a strong purification meaning, "The act of the smoke" is to clean and at the same time capture progress, harmony and health.

It is done in gratitude for the fertility of the land, the harvest and the good weather.
In addition, the request is made to receive us again in abundance during the next site that starts.

1.Remove the candle from the bundle.
2. Close your eyes and set the intention you want to work on before lighting the incense.
3. Light the candle.
4. Little by little, with the candle, burn from the tip of your incense until you feel satisfied with its effect.
5.Thank the pampas as the mother who begets life, nurtures it and protects it.