"Reserva de la Biósfera Del Triunfo" Organic Gourmet Ground Coffee

"Reserva de la Biósfera Del Triunfo" Organic Gourmet Ground Coffee

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"My Coffee" Box is proud to be able to participate in the sale of the best organic coffee from the most extensive and diverse reserves of forests and jungles in North and Central America. It is incredible to suppose that an enormous amount of water circulates alongside these, which occurs throughout the region.

The natural wealth of the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve has allowed the cultivation and harvest of coffee, being one of the best in the store and one of the most consumed and recognized by the neighboring towns of the state of Chiapas. Undoubtedly, the harvest of this same coffee makes it possible to increase the natural wealth, and if it is harvested and produced in the reserve area, the coffee acquires quite pleasant tasting notes for the palate.

Organic coffee from the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, when roasted at a specific temperature, acquires unique and different aroma, body, roast and acidity properties among the great variety of coffee that exists in the state. These notes can be from Sweet, honey, citrus, nuts and hazelnuts. Grain of the arabica type of light brown color.

Our mission is always to help with fair trade those people or communities that are dedicated to protecting their heritage and sustainability.

After our adventure of looking for organic coffees of very good quality, the opportunity was given to meet these families who are dedicated to the care and natural protection of the region, amazing, humble families, coffee growers and cocoa producers; Tzeltal Maya.

Those who have the opportunity to visit the reserve are well received by these super-enthusiastic families to share with others the customs and even the lifestyle that they lead within the reserve. They are families that are not attracted to a noisy urban life, but prefer a calm and lasting life ... Nicknamed the guardians of mother nature.

Result of the work of the peasant and indigenous producers grouped, which since 1994 we apply ecological production techniques that allow to obtain a high quality product and also protect the natural resources of the high mountains of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, where the reserve is located. of the El Triunfo Biosphere. It also has the Chiapas brand quality seal.

It should be noted that the catchment notes of this coffee are too delicious since they are: sweet, honey, nuts and hazelnuts. Being coffee of soft intensity and with a pronounced aroma.